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collaborative land stewardship

Who Can Participate?
Any Madison Valley Landowner. CLS supports projects that involve two or more landowners in a stewardship activity to enhance the biologically healthy open spaces that benefit all residents and are essential to ranching. We welcome your project ideas!

Program Objectives
Improve communication among ranchers, landowners, conservation organizations and public resource agencies.
Sustain the ranch community through development of innovative grazing opportunities.
Build working partnerships among landowners, conservation organizations and public resource agencies to facilitate shared wildlife, livestock, and, where appropriate, recreational uses of rangelands.
Enact sound land stewardship practices that optimize forage for livestock and wildlife.
Utilize natural boundaries to effect sound land management strategies.
Encourage use of conservation practices in range management to benefit native plant communities, protect riparian areas and enhance wildlife habitat.

Project Design, Inventory, And Monitoring
MVRG staff works with participating landowners to help define property management goals. Together, we carry out an inventory of resource use and condition that helps landowners make sound management decisions. MVRG staff assists landowners with design of management practices and monitoring to achieve the CLS Stewardship Standards.

Stewardship Standards
The Collaborative Land Stewardship Program encourages the use of conservation practices in range management to benefit native plant communities, protect riparian areas and enhance wildlife habitat. The Stewardship Standards that follow are goals which landowners involved in the program work to achieve.

Soils, Hydrology, and Water Quality
Achieve soil stability, minimal surface runoff, and adequate water infiltration for desired plant standards. Meet applicable water quality standards.

Riparian and Wetland Condition
Achieve riparian areas and wetlands that are in, or trending toward, properly functioning condition.

Upland Condition
Achieve healthy and desirable plant communities. Employ agricultural practices that maintain or enhance the soil-water-plant matrix.

Fish and Wildlife Habitat
Maintain or enhance habitats capable or sustaining viable populations of native plant and animal species.

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Land Stewardship Collaboration

Collaborative Land Stewardship (CLS) fosters ecologically and economically sound management practices to help landowners reach rangeland condition and habitat goals.

  • Are you a landowner interested in promoting healthy grasslands and riparian areas?

  • Are you a rancher in need of additional pasture and making your operation more profitable?

  • Are you a host to wildlife seeking habitat improvement and management options?

  • Are you a water rights-holder wondering if you can increase supply via conservation?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, please consider becoming involved in the Collaborative Land Stewardship Program, a cooperative effort of The Madison Valley Ranchlands Group.